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This app is compatible with Android Version 2.3.3 and above.

A dentist’s clinic invariably gives rise to non-stop queries from ever-anxious patients. However, a perfect solution for them is here – ibee Information System’s thoroughly developed ‘Honey-Dent Patient Education Program’!

Offering virtual demonstration of a planned surgery beforehand in high-end 3D animated graphics, informative to the last detail and played in engaging and lifelike audio-visual format, these programs impart better understanding and education to patients about basic procedures such as Teeth Whitening, Dental Bracing and Root Canal as well as more complex of them such as Implants, Periodontal, Orthodontic and Endodontic Treatments and other surgeries.


Besides being available in all major Indian languages, “Honey-Dent Patient Education Program”  is rendered in file formats that can be played on any desktop, laptop, Smart Phones, Tabs, DVD edition LCD or LED TV in a clinic’s reception area and operatories.


As a matter of fact, patients that are well educated are more likely to show greater degree of case acceptance and higher rate of compliance.


Legally compliant and adhering to medical norms, these programs come as a definite upgrade to a practitioner’s repute, besides helping him as a handy tool that can save up to 10 to 15 minutes of time per consultation.

Honey-Dent Patient Education Program allows patients to see reality and ensures patients have a better understanding of dental procedures. Informed patients means better acceptance to proposed treatment plans and less wasted time.

package name ="com.android.honeycomb"

Application Requires Call Making Permission
Application Requires Read Phone State Permission

Minimum SDK version is 9

Target SDK version is 17